Fancy Headboards

Fancy Headboards Show Home Design Fancy Headboards
Fancy Headboards Show Home Design Fancy Headboards

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Fancy headboards. I can’t believe how many homes I go in where I see no headboard on the bed. Headboards have a solid purpose and that’s not only to anchor the bed in the room visually, but to allow pillows to have a resting surface. They can be simple or ornate, the choice is yours but here’s an easy way to create one be fancy headboards.

Get measurements for the legs by measuring from the floor to the top of where you want your fancy headboard to come up to on the wall, minus 2 inches. (This is so that the leg rails do not show above the head board). Measure outward from that center mark, the 1/2 distance measurement you just took for the rails and place a mark. This will be the exact place the center of your legs will attach.

Now the creative brain can kick in and really have some fun! Try these fun and easy ways to decorate your new fancy headboard. doing this to a fancy headboard that is painted deep brown or black as the design shows up so beautifully and it set off by the rich background. Even blended sponge painting can be gorgeous, and then paint the outside edge a contrasting color. Fancy headboards.

Add a border design to the outside edges, then a raised plaster central stencil design with joint compound to the insets. Apply a color wash of translucent wall glaze mixed with a darker, coordinating color over the design and wipe away the excess to reveal a much more detailed version of the design. Any mold designs can create the most elegant and unique headboard.

To finish your fancy headboard, seal your design with a clear, non-yellowing sealer.